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Do you needed reff a sr20 ve??

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Iwas wondering if u needed to ref legal a cvl in california????
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you can try, I don't think it can be done, you can always call and ask, but any motor swap needs to be bar'd
Ayo bro, you know Anybody parting out 02 p11?? Icant find none in the junk yard
SR20VE will never be smog legal, the egr system doesn't exist. I came to terms with what I had done once I bought the engine, and I told myself smog and legality went out the window when i made that choice.
Thanksfor the info much they push stock, the sr20ve?
I think there are a few part outs on the forum, bro. Check out the threads. Welcome, bro!
Thanksfor the info much they push stock, the sr20ve?
On a healthy well maintained ve you're looking at 185-190hp i believe
yeah if you plan on going sr20ve better know a place where they do "special" smog.
So ve dont pass smog? Theres no reffn it then?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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