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Does this sound like a timing chain noise?

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Hi all I have question. My gf car starts making this noise. The noise would go away as the rpm rises but when I let go of throttle the noise come back. Two of the belts (AC/ alternater and PS) are pretty tight. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what it could be. Could it be a loose timing chain due to bad tensioner?

Thanks !

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Sounds like a pump.
Is there any methods I can test it out?
Cut a piece of hose three feet long. Put one end on your ear and the other on the various accessories and listen for the offending noise.
Okay so the hose will kinda filter the other noise away right? Say if that weird noise is coming from the pump, i would hear the loudest noise from that location. I will hit homedepot this week. Thx Dane.
I use the hose sometimes. You can buy an mechanic stethoscope for only a couple bucks as well.
Alternator, AC or Power steering

Alternator check: Check Voltage of battery with power off. The turn car on, check voltage and watch to see if it slowly drains and goes below 13 volts. Also, check the voltage drain with all accessories on

A/C: Cycle A/C switch on, and if the noise changes, it may be the compressor

Powersteering: Not certain how to check
Awesome thanks guy! I will work on it and keep you guys posted
So I went ahead and bought both the tube and the stethoscope. I think it has to do with a fan or AC system but cant figure out which component. I took a video. When I turn the fan on the noise change.

at 3 sec is when the fan is off
battery and brake light even come on? car overheating? sounds like an ac compressor
nope no overheating or anything. It drives perfect and has lights. Its just the noise that bugs me. I decided to go buy new belt and will be put it on sometime next week when I have a chance. I think its prob the belt since the noise change when accelerating and increase acc. load.

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AC blower cold also. The noise doesnt really change when I turn AC on and off but it does when I turn fan switch on and off, so Im not sure if its the compressor. IS there any other method to test the compressor?

Thanks guy
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