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Time to let some Turbo parts go!

These are all brand new in box!!!

Im listing these at a very reasonable price, I know these will make someone very happy. Top quality Garrett and Tial genuine.

Hate to let these go but they were for my Spec V proj and I am now doing a VQ swap on the car so these aren't needed.

Here we go!!!

Garrett GT30R $1000 shipped

GT3076R Turbo WITHOUT Turbine Housing :

Tial GT30R stainless steel turbine housing $550 Shipped
Comes with both weld on flanges and clamps. These are purchased separately from housing.
Im including everything together.

Housing, Tial, V-band inlet and outlet, GT/GTX30R, .82 A/R :

Tial 38mm MVS wastegate $250 Shipped

NEW! Tial External Wastegate, V-banded 38mm (aka V38 aka MVS 38mm) :

If someone wants to buy everything I can cut a little bit better price but these prices are already lower then anywhere for all brand new stuff!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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