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Driver seat is stuck

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The driver seat would not move forward/back so I attempted to remove it & figure out the problem. After I un bolted the seat I tried to move it & only the right side would move. After moving it back & forth a few times, the right track got stuck in a position different from the left side.
Now I can't bolt the seat back because the tracks are un even.
What can I do to fix this?
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Same thing happened to me before. Turns out.... a screw fell onto the track (through hole section). Screwhead was sticking up and prevents rail travel since it hits the screwhead
I looked under at the rails and couldn't see anything. I also shook it & nothing came out.
Is there more than one motor that controls seat functions? I'm worried that I burned out the motor.
The up/down and back of the seat will still move, just not the tracks.
You might want to check the serpentine that attaches to the motor. Prolly came off or broken internallly
All the wires appear to be connected. Also, the front left motor? Is hot while the others remain cool.
all i know is that the rail should line up. if they dont then you have a problem w/ the serpentine (flexible line from motor to othe track/rail)... post up some pics
Ok thanks. Ill get pictures up in a few mins
Is it this?

Also, I found this today while moving the seat.
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This might not be helpful in your case but before you start removing the seat next time, try giving a motor a couple light smacks. My seat also had that prob and wouldn't move back and forth (only bending up and down). I gave it a try and its been working ever since. I read somewhere that its a common prob in powerseat in nissan/infiniti car.
Also, I found this today while moving the seat.
did you ever find a fix? my seat is also stuck and have found the exact ring on the floorboard..
that i belive is the motor race

try to find out where it came from & snap it back on
New here..... I have the exact same problem going on with an 02..also found that plastic ring under the seat. Any luck with finding the issue?
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