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Some of you guys and gals never have to deal with this, but I sadly live in one of the few counties in Tennessee that does emissions testing. Since the test involves checking your ECU for codes via the OBD port, and verifying that against your VIN, it rules out a lot of options for engine management.

Any full standalone that does not mirror the OEM image and have an OBD scan port would fail, i.e. Haltech, AEM, etc. This leaves me with either getting a daughterboard setup or a piggyback setup. Since I am planning to go Nistune, I opted to track down a B14 board and wire it into my harness (Thanks Unisa ). I got it running without any codes, but I was worried that I would need to swap out the rear O2 sensor, since it’s a little different from what’s on the 99 G20.

This morning I drove into the emissions center and didn’t mention a thing in case there was an issue. The manager lady seemed a little confused by the car and the readings and checked the VIN twice, so I was ready to offer up my “story” that the original engine died and I swapped in an engine and ecu are from a car that’s two years older, but still OBD2 compliant. I mean, it has 198k on the clock.

After a little bit of suspense, I passed without an issue. Hopefully when I get Nistune installed, I will still pass without any issue next spring. This means that I will be able to pass the stupid emissions testing, and run a tuned ecu/map.

Thank you Jesus!
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