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is this needed on a 2001 sports +?

as i was told, and have seen many Y reg primeras with No EGR unit, and the pipe that comes from the manifold isnt a pipe, its just a bolt. nissan are telling me even a Y reg comes with the external EGR unit.

Upon a bit of reading apparently they have an INTERNAL egr unit on the Y reg 2litre engines. can any1 comfirm this?

now my EGR pipe is blocked off, but i still have the EGR unit in my car, does it matter if i get the pipe or block the hole with the correct size bolt? as they they lost the bolt to my manifold, and decided to put the EGR unit back in, but not use it. becuase apparently unplugging the egr unit was causing my Engine managment light to come on.

even tho its still on to date. lol

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