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Electrical issue : Rad Fans 1 & 2 and weird thing in engine

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So, I've had trouble with my rad fans for quite some time now. In the summer days when it got above 90 here in Oklahoma, if I drove with AC on and had to sit at a stop light for an extended period of time, or if i went to a drive thru, my cars temp would rise substantially. It would drop if I drove. That led me to believe my fans weren't coming on, so I pop my hood, no fans turned on. With AC on and car at med to med-hi heat, still no fan. I checked the fuses, they seemed fine, but I swapped them with 2 other 40a fuses that went to something else in my fuse box that did work, well, fans still didn't kick on. Okay, so I looked at the connectors on the fans near the radiator, unplugged em, no burns, nothing. Wires looked okay. I traced the wire connection to the larger bundle of wires and it went to another connector near the battery area. Okay, so that connect SEEMED okay, and then I saw something that looked as if some mechanic was too lazy or just a really dishonest P.O.S. Take a look at the attached pictures and please let me know if this has anything to do with my fans not working, or if that's an entirely new problem.

First couple pictures are fan connectors:

Here's what I couldn't figure out:

**In the event you can't see the pics, go here : ** Going from that link, the 2 with the connectors are the radiator fans. The others are from a connector that IDK its origin.
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Well that switch thing is actually for the security system and doesn't have anything to do with your fans. Looks like the rubber boot tore off. Not sure why they put that rubber strip to hold it down because the only thing that does is tell the system the hood is closed and allow the system to arm (if all other doors are closed as well.) Maybe if the "door adjar" light was staying on as a result of the boot being torn off that could be why they just got lazy and stuck something on top of it.

Anyway on to more pertinent issues.

For the fans, start by testing to make sure they turn on with +12v signal. I'd do this by either running the fan circuit through consult (best), or by popping the relays out and (carefully) bridging the terminals for just a second to see if the fan spins. If they do, then I'd look into testing the ecu temp sensor and circuit for that. Go to the sr20-forum and download the FSM. There's good info on troubleshooting steps for issues like this.
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