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The noise was probably just one of your coilovers breaking. It's no big deal you have three others.
I have some Rota MSW's that are 4x114.3 and 4x100 since you only need the 4x100 for your p11 you can have them $50 plus shipping.

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Ok so ive actually had my BBS on for a little bit now, i put them on in early april
first thing i did with them was take them Autox

i got some good laughs with my car taped up pretty hard at the starting line

locked my keys in the car during lunch lol

happiest moment for me that day was seeing how much of a diff better tires make, i have dunlop sport signatures on right now, which are deff not direzas or anything like that but nevertheless,

i was excited to see rocks sticking to them which meant they actually got pretty sticky as oppose to my fire stone affinity tires i had on the season b4

but since it was officially good weather time i decided to drop her a bit to get rid of the reverse rake and up front wheel gap.

u may have noticed i had some sort of wrapping on my coils last time i raised the car up

i did this to hopefully prevent any more rubbing from the third links

this was pretty much the extent of rubbing that happened, not much different from when i first bought the coils.
only regret is the tape took off the Ksport sticker.

other than that they cleaned up real nice, and moving the collars was a breeze

i rewrapped them again to prevent rubbing

new sport grill ftw!

"photo shoot" pics next
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