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well i was workin on the g today when i got a phone call from Steve (Enohand), unfortunatly he had some bad news to tell me.

he crashed the G20 the other night, somehow (im not sure on the specifics) but he hit a tree headon.

hes doing alright, said he had sprained neck, brused ribs, numerous other injurys but mostly hes alright.

he said just about everything from the front doors back is good, only one headlight/eyelid tho.

his hid ballasts are alright, only has 1 bulb, a custom sub box that he made. and a bunch of otherstuff too.. im guessing most of his mods are still in great shape

his laptop was in the car at the time and somehow got damaged so he cant logon to gnet or anything, and i was the only number he had stored in his phone, so for anyone who wants to wish him well, or inquire about the partout hes doing, i said i would hand out his number to those interested.

so if you want some parts from his G shoot me a pm
**Do not ask me about specific parts, im just giving contact info**

you can ask him about whatever you want.

im not sure when hell have acess to, so just pm me and then youll be able to contact him.

wishing you the best Steve!
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