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everybodys doing it...

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So Figured I'll start my very own progress thread.

I bought the car in august from James aka 95Touring...

looking like this, got it for a steal. Replaced the diverside window motor, and the antenna motor.
Soon after i got some JDM Amber corners, JDM Side Markers and PFM's.

Havent installed the sidemarkers.
Also have the EUDM Tails, not installed yet.

I got a couple of primera grills that i thought about but im planning on some thing from eric...

8000K HID's

Got these wheels of Kevin aka Brammes the man...

they're going to the powder coaters... :naughty:

and the CAI from Mo aka Rmyc.

Installing the Cold Air Pipe soon.

Still waiting on CF Trunk. From Jorge aka SixNineG
and Valve Cover from Bryan aka BHowle...

other mods to come...
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Adam tomorrow's my BIG DAY HERE!
it rained yesterday. thats the same as a carwash.
Whoa Josie, let not get political!

No Bry, its gonna rain, there no point in washing it!
no, its different, would it make sense to wash yourself if you didnt cover your clean body with clothing, and every where you went liquid was falling apon you?
^ thanks steve hows your ride coming along?
yeah, we'll have to Fab, to bring his AR2 outta hiding!

get brammes and few others to poke there heads out also!
^ waiting on the agility's!! Eric remember when i pmed you and told you that you shouldnt buy this car... ;)

Im might be reaching out to your in a few about a grill, i'll let you know.
I can has been Hure for a YEAR!
thanks jimmy.

no if i can get my ass up I got work to do!
what its that Conan the barbarian?

thanks guys, WAI pipin of my rmyc intake on...
i got caught up a couple of ladies lost some work time today...
BEFORE Noyka 2500 H3's


i'll get another good night photo for you guys when I go out again.
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So I need to add the 2.5 Ebay header to the list of things I have coming in the mail.
damn what a heavy box...:scream:

what could be inside...:eh:

WHOA... Are those blue?:zoinks:

Love to come home from work!!:smile:

Watch out for the install soon!!
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oh yeah Shout Out To LocoMexican.
stop standing there with them in your hands get them installed already
sure thing....

Clean your room.
my ex used to clean for me... i dont know these simple things.

locomexican? when did u get those. they look kinda new
he never used them!
You're grounded til that room is cleaned.
can i at least install the coil overs first?

he just needs a new gf
or just a girl that will clean for me, and a few other things...
^ we can go back to her place.
^ if anyone has doubt dealing with you bro send them my way!

Thanks again!
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