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Exhaust Help needed

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welp i got a repair order for my straight pipes -_-. so i gotta switch it up while quieting down the sound. im looking at OBX evo replica mufflers. Theres two that i want but one more than the other. the one i want more is more for looks but has a 2.5 inlet but a 4.5 outlet and im fearing that 4.5 outlet will make it too loud.while the second one isnt as appealing to me as the first one i still like it and it has a 2.5inlet and a 3.5outlet. They both use a 3 layer design using aluminized steel, rockwool fiber glass, and stainless steel wool for optimal sound reduction with SUS 304 Stainless steel performance resonator & tip will the 1' extra outlet make that much more noise or would i be ok getting the 4.5 outlet. (no resonators currently in exhaust)
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Adding just a muffler wont help u much... and one with a 3.5-4.5" tip with a straight pipe catback... good luck man. Going to have to add a resonator at least...
Get a 1.75 crush bent exhaust and your fancy muffler and it should be quiet. If you run piping of any size and that muffler you will have a screaming banche.
Do you have a real straight pipe now? No muffler or res?
Yeah 2.5 piping no reaonator no muffler with high flow cats.
If you had cash and are close to northern DEI could make you a proper cat back hand tig welded stainless unless you want light weight aluminum are exotic metals I can make that to. But don't expect muffler shop price.

I can make a stainless system fit like a glove and last your life time
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