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If you did put on a muffler for the other side, would it be for looks or for performance? If it's for looks alone(just having a muffler there not attached to the exhaust piping), then go for it but if it's for perfomance then you'll be doing more harm than good.
Here's why:
What all the hub-bub about exhaust backpressure? I thought I read somewhere that backpressure is irrelevant and it doesn't matter how big an exhaust pipe you use and that bigger is better.

Not entirely correct. I agree that backpressure isn't relevant; the less the better. The hitch is that pipe sizing is very important to the flow of the system. The bigger the pipe is the less pressure is there, however if the pipe is too big for the amount of air an engine can move, you'll lose power, even though there isn't any backpressure. If you run a 3 inch system on the car, the velocity of the exhaust gases is going too slow down, because the gases have to expand to fill the pipe. And slowing down the exhaust obviously isn't what you want.

Taken from the se-r faq:
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