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Here are some new parts I have from my B13. These parts i bought new and never had a chance to use them since i no longer have my B13. These parts are brand new and still in the original Nissan box or plastic.
Its for a SR20 DE or DET motor. B13
If anyone is interested in all the parts please send me a PM we can work out a deal.

1. Cap and Rotor. $50 shipped.
2. Valve cover gasket set. $20 shipped.
3. Axel seal left and right that goes on the gearbox. $22 shipped.
4. Water pump. $75 shipped.
5. OEM plat spark plugs part# 22401-1P115 these plugs are $17.52 retail my price $45 shipped.
6. NGK Vpower BKR5E-11 plugs for mostly turbo cars $13 shipped.
7. OEM upper and lower radiator hoses (USED) $20 shipped.
8. TPS sensor (USED) $30 SHIPPED.

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