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Featured Member of the Month - August 2009

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Featured Member of the Month - August 2009
Sean's (gotboost44) 1991 Infiniti G20

click image(s) to enlarge​ How, when & why did you first acquire your Infiniti G20?
gotboost44: I bought my p10 back in May of 2003 from some old lady that lived a few miles from me. At this time I was looking for a dependable daily driver that I could drive between home, school, and work. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I bought the car for $3,800 and it only had 54,000 miles on it. She also never drove the car in winter and it was immaculate.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What were your original plans for the car and have they changed?
gotboost44: Originally my plans for the car where not anything special. My whole life I have been involved in one form of racing or another and the p10 was no more than a daily driver to me. I wanted to upgrade the stereo and throw a basic suspension and wheels on it and call it a day. Well needless to say those plans didn’t really change as much as I found it hard to stop after that. Next thing you know I’m doing a manual transmission swap and adding a fresh DET to the mix.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What performance modifications have you made to your car?
gotboost44: Currently I have a W10 SR20DET with a GTiR T28 for a turbo. Im back to the stock high port cams again as I can’t seem to find an aftermarket cam I’m happy with for autocross. For the exhaust I have a hand built 3” turbo back system with a 36” resonator under the center of the car and a chambered muffler in the rear. For the intake I have the turbo hooked up to the Z32 MAF via 3.5” piping. Currently I’m only running 370cc injectors at 4 bar and I can put out more power than they can handle. The ECU control is a basic Calum tune that is fine tuned by my Emanage, Innovate motorsport wideband, and a Gizzmo electronic boost controller. The driveline consists of a b13 SER transmission that I hand built, and its all held up by Prothane engine mounts that I turned custom sleeves for. There are a lot of other little things I have done but the list would go on forever.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Do you have any dyno numbers?
gotboost44: I have no recent dyno numbers that would reflect my current set up. But Since I have found the limit of the 370cc injectors at 4 bar I would have to say im right around 300hp the wheels. I have gone higher with boost with this set up (about 22psi) but the injectors where at 100% duty cycle and my engine started to lean out.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What suspension modifications have you made to the car?
gotboost44: Currently I’m running Tein springs wrapped around GR-2 shocks. I have replaced my upper links stock bushings with a custom turned pivot shafts which sits in super pro bushings. In the rear I have installed an Addco sway bar. I have a couple sets of wheels to go along with it, I use a pair of 15” with Azenis for autocross and another set of 16” wheels for on the street.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any cosmetic modifications to the exterior?
gotboost44: Well I cut out the center bar in the front grill, debadged the car, carbon fiber hood, and sunroof delete. I have always liked the look of having more of a sleeper. The one mod that will be doing in the future though is adding a factory rear spoiler. I got the chance for the first time to follow my car as someone else drove it and I realized that the rear end looks pretty blah and its needs a little more spice.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How about the interior?
gotboost44: Actually right before this I was running no interior. All I really had was the dash and door skins on. But with recent developments and me changing classes with autocross I had no choice but to put some of it back in, which I actually just finished up for the photo shoot. SCCA permits me to remove some items with my class so I don’t have A/C in the car, a radio, and the trunk has nothing in it. I have gained a new smaller steering wheel, racing seat, harness, and some gauges so I can watch my vitals at track days.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Have you made any upgrades to the stock sound system?
gotboost44: I no longer have a stereo or speakers in the car. They have been replaced by a gauge cluster and some switches.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any future modifications we should look out for?
gotboost44: Engine wise I’m not going to do much more as the power is ridiculous as it is. I will be looking to slap on some bigger injectors and switching over to a newer Garret GT28 that has a roller bearing. I also might throw in some C series cams to rev higher. I will be redoing my entire suspension this next winter. I’m finding that at races I have reached the limit and it’s time to move to the next level. I will defiantly be installing an advanced adjustable coil over setup, but I have not made up my mind on exactly what yet. I will be upgrading my master cylinder to a 1” unit and run some different race pads. Also next year I will start to run A6 Hoosiers. And as some of you know I have a problem keeping transmissions in the car, so a B15 or p11 transmission is on the way.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How and when did you first find
gotboost44: I found when I first started to modify the suspension and stereo in the car a couple months after I bought it. However I really didn’t become a member until the power bug bit me in the butt.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How has this site benefited you?
gotboost44: It has helped me with getting my project car done to where I like it as well as increase my general mechanical knowledge. It’s a place where I feel comfortable asking technical questions and actually getting an informative answer. also has served as a good way to kill time when I’m bored and/or don’t feel like working. Haha..

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any last comments you would like to make?
gotboost44: Thanks to everyone that has helped me out over the years and I hope that I can help continue to make the forum a place where people can come for answers and learn through other people’s experience.

click image(s) to enlarge​

gotboost44: Also I would like to comment that Zohaib is a failure at life :)
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Car looks so clean. I like the din gauges, and switches.

Long overdue, welcome to the club brother.
Woot Woot!!!

Congrats bro! I've seen the car in person and it looks great...
congrats yo. gotta love a boosted p10. :smile:
very nice clean track car!!!
congrats! i've always liked your clean ass P10.
Congrats :thumbsup:
congrats man. im sure i'll hit you up when turbo time rolls around. i can tell you know your stuff in your posts
probably my favorite p10 on the site.. fuckin ehh Sean Congrats
1 - 20 of 50 Posts
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