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Ivan's (savag) Bn6 P10 How, when & why did you first acquire your Infiniti G20?
Savag : I first acquireed my g20 back in 08. My dad originally bought the car in 07 and then he bought an 08 camry and gave the car too me as my first car. What were your original plans for the car and have they changed?
Savag : My original plans for the car when I got it was to get it lowered and do a 5spd swap sometime later down the road since it was an automatic at the time when I got it. And ofcourse to put a turbo on it, but i didn't think that would happen anytime soon. What performance modifications have you made to your car?
Savag : I did the 5spd swap and added some minor bolt ons like a twm short shifter, secret weapon r wai, hot shot headers, UR crank pulley, 91 cam, and Fidanza light weight flywheel . And just few days ago my newest performance mod was the t25 turbo kit that I just finished installing, and a 2.5in exhaust system with dual tip muffler which I got from a friend. Do you have any dyno numbers?
Savag : No dyno numbers for the turbo yet because im still in process of getting it tuned correctly. But once I get some, ill be sure to post them up. What suspension modifications have you made to the car?
Savag : My first mods for the suspension were the GR2 struts and Tein lowering springs with a maxima ftsb and octotat rtsb . And just recently I added the addco rsb and the ZP coilovers. Any cosmetic modifications to the exterior?
Savag : Only cosmetic mods I have done is the front da9 teg lip,rear m3 trunk lip, jdm front grill, 55w 8k hid kit in the headlights, 35w 3k hid kit in the foglights, and I had the enkei rp01 wheels before and now have some gold mesh 15in wheels. How about the interior?
Savag : For the interior I swapped in the touring seats and panels,nismo looking shift knob and now just added the gauges for my turbo. Have you made any upgrades to the stock sound system?
Savag : Yea I did a little upgrades but not too much. Just added a pioneer deh-p4900 deck, replaced the speakers and wiring, disabled the stock amps in the rear and added a 10in comp kicker sub and kicker amp that i strapped down kinda in a ghetto way but its not for show and it holds it from flying around on the sharp turns. Any future modifications we should look out for?
Savag : Im looking to uprade to a t28 turbo sometime later down the road, getting a set of 16in wheels, adding my jdm sidemarker (which I had over a year now) and getting a jdm front bumper. How and when did you first find
Savag : I first found when I got my car and was looking around for some lowering springs. I found the forum and registered right away. How has this site benefited you?
Savag : This site has benifited me a lot because there are a lot of helpful tips and write ups on this site, which helped with my 5spd swap and turbo build, and a lot of friendly people that answer your questions when you have any. Any last comments you would like to make?
Savag : I would like to thank all of the staff for this awsome site they put together and all of the sponsers who help keep it up. Also all the members on here who answered my questions I had and gave me tips when I needed them. Thank You all!


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congrats man. car is looking good. i like the de decal on the side.

IvanHoe aka Klutch King
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congrats man. car is looking good. i like the de decal on the side.
Thanks, Special thanks to "G"-sus! for hooking it up
sweet p10 man... question: where is the dohc decal mounted? i really like it
Its on the rear door kinda under the middle trim
oh yeah, another NorCal nomination. congrats dude!
Thanks Mike!
Congrats man!

Congrats Bro.

BTW: Where is my photo credit? You can make it up to me by sending any unused turbo bits.
My bad, Special thanks to Dane for the first picture he took at GG10:smile:

Awesome dude! I see you boosted the p10. Fine tune that baby and it'll treat ya right.
Yea just finished, just having sum problems. Hope to get it running correctly soon

'grats Ivan, keep up the good work and get that turbo running right.
Thanks Jimmy
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