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Jeff's (Ugly's) 2002 KH3 Sport, Infiniti G20 How, when & why did you first acquire your Infiniti G20?
Ugly: On Oct 27, 2005, my 1999 Nissan Frontier was deemed a total loss and I was left without a mode of transportation for a few weeks. I was looking into picking up a S14 but was hesitant cause I didn't want to lose another car to an "accident" (if you know what I mean) :x A month later, I was chillin with a buddy of mine who owned a G20 and asked him if he would sell me his ride since he just got handed down a 8 series BMW from his older sister and I was in desperate need of a car. He thought about it for a minute and said, "Hmmm, I guess so. How much you wanna buy it for?" I told him I'd give him the check from my insurance and he agreed. On Dec. 05, 2005, I came home and found a 2002 5spd KH3 HP11 Sport parked on my driveway. I said, "Coo." :thumbsup: What were your original plans for the car and have they changed?
Ugly: My original plans were to just leave it stock but get rid of the stock chromey chrome sport wheels 'cause they were too blang blang for my taste. I accomplished that at the end of April 2006 and bought some 18"
gunmetal mesh no-namers off a good friend of mine who needed to pay his credit card bill :D. I hated the wheel gap and decided to give her a little drop. Went on eBay, bought some springs and a few days later my S-Techs
arrived so I slapped those on. I was content on how it looked but a few months down the road I discovered the For Sale section and all hell broke loose. What performance modifications have you made to your car?
Ugly: My performance mods consist of a JWT pop charger, HotShot cold air intake, SSAC header, 2.25" cat back non-resonated exhaust piping and an OBX-R fart can :p I also have the Mautai916 ground wire kit and a set of blue Nology HotWires. Do you have any dyno numbers?
Ugly: Yes. A triceratops has three horns. Get it? Haha Get it? Hee :shifty: Nope, no dyno numbers. I saw no point really to get it done. Sorry. What suspension modifications have you made to the car?
Ugly: I have my coveted Carbing 3pt FSTB, Octotat RSTB, Cattman RSB, and Tein S-Tech springs. I also have a set of front and rear prothane motor mounts and [email protected]'s CS rear shift stabilizer bracket. Any cosmetic modifications to the exterior?
Ugly: Exterior mods that I am currently rockin' consist of the JDM Nissan Primera dual beam head lamps (non-HID), a JDM Nissan Primera Camino grill customized by our very own njprimera, JDM Nissan Primera window visors
(not pictured), the Extreme Dimensions M1 prototype front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper which I had custom painted Lexus Crystal White Pearl, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber side mirror covers, carbon fiber b pillar
overlays, carbon fiber trunk and carbon fiber M5 style trunk lip spoiler. I am sitting on 18" mesh style wheels and have front and rear R1 cross drilled/slotted rotors cause I thought they would look pretty...and they do. How about the interior?
Ugly: Interior is pretty much, well, just the bone stock two tone sport interior. If you want to consider the engine bay as interior, then I have a EUDM Nissan roller rocker valve cover off a P11-144 which was powder coated Candy Apple Red by Tom @ TRGcoating and a red "Nismo" oil cap that I bought off eBay cause I am a compulsive buyer and just wanted to by something. ...that goes for the "Nismo" tire valve stem caps too :p Oh yeah, I have the carbon fiber interior trim from AzG20P11 that I need to slap on :teeth: Have you made any upgrades to the stock sound system?
Ugly: Nope. I left it stock cause my parking spot was hella far from my condo and I didn't want to give stupid, low life thieves reason to break in and steal my sh*t when I couldn't protect it. Thats changed now though since I moved and I could see my car right outside my window. Any future modifications we should look out for?
Ugly: Future modifications to look for are some new wheels, BBK, in-dash touchscreen DVD/navigation unit, some seats, my GTi-R swap and all the other goodies that will come along with it :thumbsup: new clutch, 3 inch exhaust piping, whatever else I feel like adding to the motor :teeth: How and when did you first find
Ugly: One day in late April, I was bored and decided to browse on teh intarw3bz to see what kind of things I could find on this so called Infiniti G20 then came across the almighty I registered in May, asked
stupid questions, posted some nonsense, bounced for a few months, then came back around Sept and whored it up like a motherhumper :whore: I discovered the infamous For Sale section, became a sponsor, met some NorCal and Socal heads and here I am today...December 2007 Member of the Month :woohoo: How has this site benefited you?
Ugly: This site has benefited me is many ways. Gnet provided me with countless information regarding my P11. I have met and made some great friends here, learned a lot about G20/Primera and have had some good times playing on the forums. Any last comments you would like to make?
Ugly: Umm, don't drink and drive. Nah but wanna give some hey hey's to hiimj0ne for all the pictures and phone calls to say what up...Uncle Dave, P11Gdub, G20-Budo, AzG20P11, Cavern, *Knowledge*, Ericdd for the carbon fiber goodness (be sure to buy from him), and Cesarin_se_r for being cool people especially Cesarin_se_r for being a good homie and saving me and my buddy one early morning during the weekend a few months back and Cavern for putting up with my BS. Hello hello to my whoring buddies on the wrong coast, you know who you sluts are Everybody else I forgot to mention, you know I l0vars yew!!!

**I especially wanna say thank you to nathan2284 from the SR20forums for hookin' up a really, really last minute photo shoot and ~KnuckleDuster~ for coming along this past weekend too :teeth: Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to hook it up and shoot some pics for me broham!!! Some sick ass shots for a quick last minute photo shoot I might say!!! ;) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

***I also gotta show love and honorable mention to my boy, phatboypinoy, for introducing and bringing me into my Team, my second family...13 years and still going strong, much love to

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Much deserved, Jeffs' a great member and his car has really transformed into one of the nicest ones on the forum. Kudos for stepping up and taking a risk.
Oh yeah thanks for the Shout-Out also. :p
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