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Dane's (Dane) 1995 Infiniti G20

click image(s) to enlarge​ How, when & why did you first acquire your Infiniti G20?
Dane: My first love was starting to show signs of age, but mostly rusting apart from the inside out, and I had a 45 minute commute to work, so it came time to retire the Bronco from daily duty. My bro had a P10 and it seemed like a sensible car and didn’t look to bad. I figured it would get me to work and back with out costing an arm and a leg like the Bronco. My bro Josh (LightG20t) dragged me to a NWNismo meet, and I saw Colin’s “Sexy Beast” and I decide the P10 had potential. Little did I know how much it would cost to make a P10 look like teh Beast. I started searching AutoTrader, and found one a few weeks later. I paid way too much for a car with broken motor mounts and a bent control arm, but I fell in love with the DJ2 Metallic Green and Touring combo.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What were your original plans for the car and have they changed?
Dane: Like most my plan for the P10 was to keep it stock so I could spend my extra cash on the Bronco 4x4 project. Then the clutch went out, and the upgrades began. After that I caught the bug, and started buying little upgrades, then went for it head first. Now I want a P11 for daily duty so I can go crazy with the P10.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What performance modifications have you made to your car?
Dane: Performance mods are painfully lacking, this is going to be my next area to address. First the clutch started slipping that gave me opportunity to add an ACT Extreme duty pressure plate, and 4 puck clutch, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, AEM cold air intake, SSAC 2.5” header, Custom hockey puck motor mounts, Carbing radiator cooling plate. Stillen battery brace.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Do you have any dyno numbers?
Dane: Thankfully no I don’t, I’m afraid if I had I’d be sad and embarrassed at the lack of power, the car is peppy and fun to drive, but, I’m sure the power is darn near stock.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What suspension modifications have you made to the car?
Dane: Suspension was the first area I decided to tackle. Initially I purchased EPSentra mounts, Tein springs, and AGX struts, but upon further research and talking to veterans I knew that would limit tire selection, and I wanted to go Big. Right now I’ve got D2 Racing Coilovers, Carbing rear strut tower bar, Addco rear anti-sway bar. I’ve also got a Nismo front strut tower bar on the way, as well as some custom drilled rotors, and stainless steel lines to finish off the Z32 front brake upgrade. Then I need to replace all the suspension bushings.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any cosmetic modifications to the exterior?
Dane: My first exterior modification was a custom phase I USDM grill with the center sections cut and shaved. Hybrid power heated JDM mirrors hooked up the Viper alarm so they fold when the system is armed. UKDM eGT clear tail lights, head lights, and fog lights. JDM amber corners and side markers. Laguna lip. Re-badged with Nissan, Primera, 2.0eGT badges. NFS eyelids. Stealth stickers and license plate frame. Also can’t forget my pride and joy the Volk Racing GT-U’s, staggered setup with 16x7 in the front and 16x8” in the back.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How about the interior?
Dane: The interior of the P10 G20t is pretty awesome for a car of its age, so I haven’t done much to this area; I did paint the center stack surround a shade of gunmetal grey for a nice accent. JDM cup holder. Black and tan booster seat in the back.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Have you made any upgrades to the stock sound system?
Dane: Working at Best Buy a while back provided me with the perfect opportunity to upgrade the stereo. I went with a complete Alpine system, with Types-R 6.5” component speakers up front with custom cavalier mounts. Alpine Type-R 6.5”s mounted in the rear deck. Alpine 9965 head unit, iPod adapter, dual bandpas box loaded with two 12” Type-R’s. Powered by an Alpine 400W 4 channel, and a 600W mono amp, 1.5 farad capacitor. Then I covered every square inch of the trunk with Dynamat. The awesomeness wore off quick and I lost the box and scaled down to a single 12” mounted in a custom molded fiberglass enclosure that sits on the driver’s side of the trunk. I wish I hadn’t used all that Dynamat, as it is going to be a pain getting it all out.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any future modifications we should look out for?
Dane: So is this where I get to make my wish list? Future modifications I hope are going to be either a VE swap or a budget boost build. I’d like to track down an eGT kit eventually and maybe some carbon bits like a trunk and hood, to finish off the conversion.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How and when did you first find
Dane: My first exposure to was on my bro’s sweatshirt, he has an awesome hoodie, and I’m very envious of it. Even before I was looking at getting a G20 I lurked around the site a bit. Once I decided I was going to get a P10 I registered, but didn’t post, because I had nothing intelligent to add or say. I don’t let that get in the way now.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How has this site benefited you?
Dane: With out I’m pretty sure I would have driven the P10 into the ground. got me interested in the car and that made me want to keep it running, it helped me discover the P10’s racing history and awesome JDM counterpart. The NWG20 guys and girls I’ve met are awesome, Colin is the Man when it comes to all things Primera, and Charles knows all thing mechanical, and doesn’t get angry even when I asked a million stupid questions before I understood wheel offset. The admins and mods do a great job. Jon manages to meet all the demands, does a better job than the admins of my schools message board and he doesn’t even get paid. And to keep the community strong I returned the favor and got my little brother hooked on and he just bought a P10. Lastly I’d like to say I’ve got an awesome family for putting up with the time and money spent on playing with the G20.

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