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Martin's (Mautai916) 1995 Infiniti G20t (VE) How, when & why did you first acquire your Infiniti G20?
Mautai916: I acquired my first G20 right after I recovered from an auto accident that took away my dad's 96 Jag. I got sandwiched between 2 cars because a lady decided to drive on the wrong side of the road... But anyways, my dad helped me pick up a 96 A/T G20 as a replacement car. Since the moment I began modding, I wanted a M/T so I sold my 96 A/T and bought a 95 M/T in the same color. What were your original plans for the car and have they changed?
Mautai916: Originally I had NO plans at all for the 96 G. At that point I was not even into modding. But that all changed once I got curious bout my car, found Gnet, and decided to take my first step into modding by a cone filter off eBay. Then the mod bug really bit me. I got a HS Gen 3 header/CAI. Then I wanted more. One day a lady rolled into the carwash driving my car? Except it was a M/T and a touring model. Surprisingly she was going to sell it in the next few months. So I waited patiently and picked up my new G only 3 months later. What performance modifications have you made to your car?
Mautai916: My original plan for my G was a full CAI, header, and S3's. But the installation of the S3's didn't go smoothly so I was forced to buy another engine. That’s when I ended up with my SR20VE. I am currently rocking a HS CAI, 2.5'' SSAC header, 2.5'' VRS catback + Magnaflow muffler/resonator, SR16VE cams, Mossy VE crank pulley, Stanza WP pulley, my own ground-wire kit, GReddy MSS, JWT ECU, ACT HD PP + B15 clutch disc, 8.5lbs Fidanza flywheel, Urethane filled motor mounts, TWM Short shifter + ES bushing. Do you have any dyno numbers?
Mautai916: On my last dyno I made 182whp. Since then, I added the Mossy crank pulley, 8.5lbs Fidanza flywheel, 2.5'' SSAC header, and SR16VE cams. Once my clutch is broken in, i'm confident that she will dyno 195+hp. My goal is to break the 200hp barrier. What suspension modifications have you made to the car?
Mautai916: Tein springs, Kyb AGX shock/struts, Koni bumpstops, FSTB, Octat's rear STB, Mep mounts, braided brake lines, Hawk pads, and good ol' Motul fluid. Any cosmetic modifications to the exterior?
Mautai916: I try to keep things simple so I have only tinted my windows, factory mud-guards, sunroof deflector, euro phase II grill, and a set of P11 rims. How about the interior?
Mautai916: Besides the GReddy MSS, GReddy shift knob, and my dynamatted interior, everything else is stock. Have you made any upgrades to the stock sound system?
Mautai916: I’m satisfied with the stock sound system of my P10. I've never been into sound much so it have never been on my list to do. Any future modifications we should look out for?
Mautai916: Unless there's some better VE cams that I can upgrade to, I can pretty much say that my project is 99% completed. That last 1% is there cause there’s always some unfinished business. But my vision for my car is the she currently stands. How and when did you first find
Mautai916: I found Gnet thru Google when I first acquired my A/T G20 back in 04'. I was trying to see if I can find anything "special" about this car. Obviously I didn't know that I had something full of potential right in front of me. How has this site benefited you?
Mautai916: Besides basic knowledge of changing oil and spark plugs, at the time I didn't know anything about cars. After I found Gnet, I learned everything from doing simple mods to engine swaps. But besides knowledge that I have gained about cars, I have also met a handful of great friends that helped me make everything possible. Any last comments you would like to make?
Mautai916: I want to thank EVERYONE here on Gnet! Every single one of you guys! Even if you don't know me, I still love ya! Everyone here has contributed to make this one the best forum ever! Finally, thanks for the opportunity to be the MOTM! Staff: We would like to thank Mautai916 for his contributions to the forum with his VE Swap thread, creating the grounding kits and selling them to our members.

For those of you that would like to see Mautai916's car engine dyno
and listen to the exhaust, we're bringing to you via!

We have one word to describe Mautai916's car... "SLEEPER!!"

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congrats bro. nice clean swap

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Congrats man! That VVL looks great in there
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