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Jati's (malady) 2002 Infiniti G20

click image(s) to enlarge​ How, when & why did you first acquire your Infiniti G20?
malady: We went to the Infiniti Dealership because the G20 was being discontinued and the ads were saying they were 20k so of course we checked them out and bought 2. It turned out that they made a typo on the ad with the price, but they had to keep their deal. The car ended up being an agency car for my mom and when she retired she ended up keeping it. I paid off the remaining car payments which was 5k. And [email protected][email protected]#! I had my first car with 40k.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What were your original plans for the car and have they changed?
malady: I really didn't know much about the G20. All I wanted at most was a nice sound system. I couldn't even change my oil and now I'm doing suspension swaps. Go figure....

click image(s) to enlarge​ What performance modifications have you made to your car?
malady: Hot Shot Cold Air Intake Hybrid(2.5-3in piping) with JWT Pop Charger, Magnaflow Muffler, Grounding Kit, Advanced Timing 18d

click image(s) to enlarge​ Do you have any dyno numbers?
malady: No.

click image(s) to enlarge​ What suspension modifications have you made to the car?
malady: Agility Stabilis Coilovers. Carbing Front Strut Bar. Octo Rear Strut Bar, and Addco Rear Sway Bar.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any cosmetic modifications to the exterior?
malady: Impul Style Grille. Wing West Lip. JDM Dual Headlights. Clear bumper lights. JDM Window Visors. 20% Window Tint. G20Style CF Pillar and CF Fog insert. Black Top. BMW Rear Window Spoiler. Racing Hart C2's. Tinted G20Style LED Tailights and 6K HID's.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How about the interior?
malady: Squash Air Freshener.... 2 kinds . Black Light Dome Light.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Have you made any upgrades to the stock sound system?
malady: Pioneer Avic D3 with 8g hd via Ipod. knu konceptz Amp Wire Kit. b-quiet sound damping. Alpine M500 Amp. JL Audio 10w6 Sub.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any future modifications we should look out for?
malady: Turbo.

click image(s) to enlarge​ How and when did you first find
malady: I think i was looking for rims one day and I couldn't find much. Then i stumbled upon "G20" on wikipedia and there was a link on the bottom

click image(s) to enlarge​ How has this site benefited you?
malady: This site is the best! I have never been one to hang around a forum to long, but this place has become my home. I was unaware of the potential of the g20 as well as the following. Without this site I wouldn't be able to obtain the parts that i have, as well as achieving the look i wanted. I didn't know anything about cars, and because of i feel like no one can touch my car because no one can take better care of her than me.

click image(s) to enlarge​ Any last comments you would like to make?
malady: THANKS TO EVERYONE on the site

much respect to:

Master modder Eric, my ride wouldn't be the same without your expertise

00 blk g20t
uncle dave

and everyone else i forgot. Without you g20/primeras would be dead! thanks for making my car what it is today. I think ill keep my g for life: look out what is to come in the future.

click image(s) to enlarge​


Dude, your bed is a car..
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SWEET!!! "malady" Jati you well deserve MOTM!!!
Sexy ride and a great guy behind the wheel. Congrats bud!!!

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/\/\/\ I like to think mine did too. ;)

Shout out to teh Unc!!! Great looking ride, very sleak & cleanly modded. One of my favs & a standup guy too. :thumbsup:

Dude, your bed is a car..
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^ Your making me hungry by looking at that avatar or yours!!!
last time i had a Six Dollar burger was last summer in SoCal :(
i hate Chicago...

Im a organ donor.
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congrats malady. car looks great. cant wait to see what else is in store.
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