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FOR SALE FEELER: My 92 G20 with W11 SR20DET in Oregon $3000 OBO

So checking to see if there's any gf said if I sell this thing, I can get a new Focus ST! (not likely now that I lost my job *sad*) $3000 OBO

UPDATE 2/5/14
Replaced heater core
Added more pictures

UPDATE 1/8/14
Price reduced due to losing my job yesterday
Replaced radiator with new Koyo unit (not full aluminum though, plastic end tanks)
Heater Core cracked due to cold weather, have new heater core but have not installed.

UPDATE 12/10/13
Listed replaced parts in "Bad" section!
Added video to hear exhaust at WOT and normal driving back to the camera

W11 Avenir motor with quick spool ball bearing T25 (positive boost pressure at 1900rpm in 3rd gear!) around 70k mi (235k on body)
Poly Mounts all around (dogbone was cut out though)
Nismo FMIC
Turbo XS dual bearing MBC
3" exhaust to 4" Dynomax VT muffler (very very quiet unless WOT) -NEW
B14 5 speed with ACT street/strip disc and HD pressure plate (unknown miles)
Short throw shift arm with billet Nismo shift knob
Tien springs and AGX adjustables all around with LoCo 1" raised top hat mounts
Z32 Front brakes upgrade (4 piston calipers with 10.9" rotors) with new pads and rotors
Superpro adjustable camber bushings for 3rd link
new LCAs with moog ball joints -NEW
new moog endlinks -NEW
ES bushings on swaybars
AEM UEGO Wideband -NEW
SAFC-II hooked up to U13 Bluebird ECU (11.2-11.5 from 3500-7000rpm at WOT at 10psi)
XXR992 17x7 wheels plastidiped gunmetal/anthracite color
Infinity reference series 6.5" components in the front doors, MB Quart 6x9s in the rear deck
Alpine 4x60w cd player (surprisingly loud, think rms rating is 27w per channel)
Replaced left and right knuckle bearings as of 12-9-13
New passenger side output shaft seal with fresh fill of Royal Purple 75w-175 as of 12-9-13
Water pump replaced as of 12-9-13
Heater core replaced as of 1-26-14

could use new front seats (seat covers on to hide tears in leather)
short somewhere in driver side speaker wire causes it to cut in and out
had no radiator brackets when I got it and never took the time to get them, so its secured by zip ties to the frame
front bumper cut in center for FMIC (see pics)
small (doesn't even drip) oil leak at turbo oil feed line (silicon tube oversized for the fittings, replace with stainless line and problem solved)
front passenger side window track is split (works but could use replacing)
driver side auto seatbelt track was removed from previous owner, never took the time to do manual belt conversion
front fenders dinged a little (look at pics) from crappy lip roll by previous owner
paint is good but not great (look at pics)
sunroof works but tracks are gummed up (have to help the motor out with your hand)
tach gauge works intermittently (SAFC shows RPMs so I haven't bothered replacing)
no A/C



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Point is to gauge interest, not sure on what it would go for. Paid $4000 for it when it was running like $h!t (no wideband at the time...10:1 afr across the board). Despite the fact that I've put about $2000 into parts/shop time I don't expect to get what I paid for it.

Wanna trade for your SE-R Chris? :)

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Thanks! Hopefully down the road I can grab a cheap ser with a uk de motor project, and a garage *sigh*. At least with the ST it will be warrantied and track-able for a while. By the time its paid off 3yrs from now I'll be able to mess with that and some sr20 powered toy hopefully. Always thought an SR powered 510 would be incredible fun...

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Have some work to do on her before she's ready for the road already inbound, next week I'll be replacing the following:

Water Pump
Wheel Bearings
Steering Knuckle Bearings
Input shaft seal
New Belts
Fresh fill of tranny with royal purple 75w-140
Fresh fill of engine with Amsoil 10w-40

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I have a focus st and I also have a p10 det and my G is still a more fun drive... but the focus is still fun to drive its just set up to put you in with a lot of initial torque to make it feel a lot quicker than what it really is because my G will blow the doors of my ST but the focus does have a nicely tuned suspension but a lot of body roll and with springs or coil overs I just have more confidence in the G... but to each his own

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Interesting stuff to hear Marcus, thanks for your input and comparison! Took a lot longer than I anticipated, but I finally just got the following work finished:

Water pump replaced (AISAN)
Thermostat (OEM)
Wheel Bearings (SKB)
Steering knuckle bearings (SKB)
Output shaft (not input) seal replaced (OEM)
Belts (GATES)
Royal Purple 75w-140 filled in tranny

Total parts & labor cost: $790

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you mentioned heater core cracked due to cold... so you only have water in the system and it froze?
Before replacing the leaky wp I was filling with a 1/3 gallon of distilled water daily for a couple weeks...during the week the car was at the shop the temps dropped to around 5deg, so Im guessing that's when it went down.
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