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EDIT: 1 Harness (for 1 side of the car/1 seat)

This is an FIA approved harness that will expire for w2w SCCA/NASA racing December 31st, 2016 (so good essentially for 3 years which is 1 year longer than SFI belts that are good for 2 years)

We literally just bought these but decided to go and get these other belts we have re-certified instead.

Information about the company here:

Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum Adjusters on shoulder belts with standard Steel adjusters on pull up lap belts. 3" snap-in lap and shoulder belts. (so these already include the 'snap in' ends -- not bolt in ends!)

$100 cash pick up price for 3 year valid FIA 3" camlock PULL-UP belts! (or plus ship cost and paypal fees -- I ship via Fedex Ground)

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