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After over 20 years of owning 3 NX2000s over that time, finally added a P10 G20 to the fleet. I do love my fwd SR20s. I found this one for my dad 2 years ago because he needed an extra car because his girlfriend always drove his. We found it with its original owner, a stack of records from every service from new in 1996. Told dad as soon as he was done with it that Id buy it. After 250 bucks to my dad and another 350 bucks to address maitenence stuff needed, its mine and driving nicely. Would have been nice if it was a T, but this one is in such nice shape, I dont really care. Makes a nice companion to my 2 owner 1992 NX2000. Only pics I have are some before and after paint pics of some damage I repaired. Dupli-Color has an exact match can of Pebble Beige Metallic and it looks great. After a few coats of the duplicolor and some clear coat at 10 feet it looks great.
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