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Finally selling my '92 p10!!

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So if anyone remembers this post I made:
then you'll notice it's been a little longer than 2 months... more like a year. But I'm getting a new car finally, so I'm ready to sell this one.

The good things:
  • 2 yr old 5th gear (upgraded one)
  • 3 yr old clutch
  • Replaced lower ball joints, control arms, CV axles, flex pipe in the exhaust, water pump
  • K&N air filter

The not-so-good things:
  • power steering leak (kinda slow)
  • A/C clutch seized up, removed and it's in the trunk. Looking like the "black death" maybe?
  • Torn boots on the tie rods
  • Bad O2 sensor (pretty sure)
  • Bad EGR valve. It was pretty gunked up. I cleaned it out as best I could, but it still wouldn't close all the way. Currently blocked off.
  • Rear motor mount broken. Transmission held up by block of wood.
  • Broken turn signal housing. It still works, just doesn't attach anymore.
  • Cracked windshield washer tank. I ran over some skis someone lost leaving the airport. It is mostly patched, just gotta plug the remaining leaks.
  • 234k miles.

I think that's it. If there's anything else, I'll add it when I think of it. I will also add some pics tomorrow.
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OK! Here are the pics!

Here you can see the broken turn signal housing

Ah, good ol' sun glare

There's the green fender

Peeled paint on the trunk and the coat hanger antenna of awesome!!

The P10. Over there is the power steering leak.

Here's the glued up windshield washer reservoir

Here's the wood block

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Right! I knew I forgot something!

I'm thinking 600 obo. Let me know what you're thinking.
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