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First 18th Annual Toys4 Tots Toy Drive

This used to be a tradition back in the day and we are bringing it back
Thats right everybody, its that time again!

We also know that some of you may not be religious, nor celebrate Christmas, we ask that you put all that aside and truly give from the heart. We are aware of these economic times and understand that many of us struggle with our day to day bills and while we only ask for donations, please remember that these times often affect our children the worst.

Keeping the tradition strong, Dane will be starting the donations off with $100 and as always we will cover any and all PayPal fees, and the toys will be purchased tax free to maximize Toyage for the Kids. This year Dane (GreenG20t) has been in touch with a local TfT group in the Whidbey Island Washington area and he will be coordinating with them this year on the donation drive, so we will be combining forces and bringing a little Christmas cheer to children in need this holiday season.

We will conclude this drive on December 15th in order to run and get the toys into the appropriate hands.

The previous highest grossing total for donations was $1300

So give the gift of giving, lets make some kids very happy this year!

You can make donations via PayPal using the following address - [email protected]
Be sure to include your username or what you want to go by in the subject line if you want to be recognized.

You can donate with OR without having a PayPal account
Grass Font Red Event Sweetness
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