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For Sale: 02' G20(P11) Black out with Velox wheels

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I love this site and G20s (all variations), but it's become obvious that it's time for a larger family car.
It took me 4 years to get my P11 looking and sounding the way I wanted.
- I didn't think this day would come, hence the name EternityG20.
All things considered, it's the right move.
Someone will love this car.
I'm a blog/forum/post newbee, I don't even know what a 'bump' or a 'sticky' is - and I was never comfortable posting comments, although I'd like to thank a half dozen of you guys that posted awesome information that help me out.
I'm trying to determine the selling price - 115K miles, auto, tan leather interior
- no suspension, engine or exhaust mods (only stereo and cosmetic upgrades).
NADA lists the value at $6425, but Kelley Blue Book lists $4500, that's a big difference.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have regarding pricing and selling it.
I'd love to take it to a Southern California Event before it's gone.
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> Anyone use Ebay Motors, Autotrader, or to sell a car?
Was it a good experience? Was it worth the cost?
ebay costs a Percentage of the sale, but i think it might save the hassle of some of the flakers. i have not personally used any of them. only craigslist once and the rest ive sold on trade in to dealers and been ripped off.
Yea, craigslist would you be your best bet and for a quicker response on it as well. thats my opinion.
Alright - it's officially on the market.
- the car really belongs to one of the '' brothers or sisters, one of you guys should scoop it up.
Sold for $4800 on Craigslist, in 36 hours (maybe could have gotten more?).
Anyway... a new brother is born.
Damn good price in my opinion. Fast sale!
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