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For Sale: 1994 g20t SR20VE with ASP budget header

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Well I'm really sad to let this one go since its my first modified car but I don't need two P10 (yes I will be purchasing another one soon with different set up)

1994 infiniti G20t (Located in Wilsonville, OR) 5speed LSD
- SR20VE swapped by Charles
- ASP header
- Upgraded spring and retainer so you can safely rev it high! (If I remember it was BC)
- JWT ecu tuned for SR20VE and 53j MAF
- Tein/GR2
- 2.5' exhaust
- HotShot CAI (painted in black, look nice!) with Amsoil air filter
- Motegi 16 x 7 wheel
- JVC Deck
- Rockford Fosgate Amp
- get about 34 mpg on hwy

Since the swap was done, I haven't really raced it or anything. Oil change regularly with royal purple 5w-30 and M1-108. I just changed spark plug recently also (less than 1000 miles). I got like 40 of BKR6E-N11 lol. The car rev nicely and idle very smooth. The clutch is really grippy. Very reliable, it never leaves me stranded. I would love to keep it as a DD but I dont have space to store it and I already have another good reliable car (but slow aka Toyota Camry). Oh we did minor fender roll so there is no rub when you take a corner. I'm asking 4K OBO. Lowballers will be turned away since I do not have to sell the car to buy another one.

- The car needs alignment
- Might need new brake if you're planning to drive it competitively
- Front struts need to be replaced and I will include it with the sales (2 new front GR2), I haven't gotten time to work on my car even though I've already purchased the parts. I also have Loren's top mount, which should extends the life of these struts, and I will be willing to give these away as well if I like the buyer :p lol ($200 worths of parts right there!)
- moonroof works well, there is no leak but if you let the car sit in the rain for a while (like a week or two), little bit of water gets in, you might want to replace the rubber but I don't use moonroof so that wasn't a prob for me.
- some scratch here and there
- missing windshield wiper fluid cap lol I purchased new one for 8 bucks but it didn't fit, Im sure someone will find these lying around

My name is Satta. If you have a question, PM me on here or text me at 503-422-1024, these two will be the most efficient way to contact me since I am at work most of the time. I am very busy with my pharmacy school currently, so we have to set an appointment to come look at the car. I will have more time available once I'm done with my internship. Thanks for looking! :) Motivated and honest seller

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whats up with the disconnected tube on the valve cover. the one that should have a line going to the intake before the throttlebody. is that plugged or just open?
Oh it has a tube now. The picture was taken before I drove to autozone to buy a tube for it because i got really excited with the paint on the CAI. Thanks for pointing that out
Is this the pearl white color? Original color? If you were closer, I'd be gettin it from ya!
Aww thx! Yup its a white pearl! It has scratch here and there but nothing a touch up paint cant fix tho.
No CEL. This ECU has a temp sensor fix and we install EGR solenoid to trick the ecu since VE doesnt have EGR system. This car will pass emission as long as there is no through visual check :)
Awesome , thanks. Would you happen to have any pictures of the interior ?
About some of the comforts. Does it have cruise and a/c?
I will take the picture later thus evening after I got off work and if its not raining. The car has clean title and the chassis have about 237k but the engine has like 40k when the swap was done last year with relatively new transmission. The driver seat do need some love but all other seats are in good condition. You can prob find a pair for like 100 dollars (I did and gave it to my gf g20 T^T) I do wanna mention that the driver side window doesnt wprk at the moment but I do have a regulator that need to be plugged in for it to work. As I mention, I rarely have time for the car and I havent taken care of all the minor problems. The car drives good and strong tho! I have taken video of the car this morning both cold start and at optimal temp. to show that it idle smoothly and I will post this afternoon. If there is other questions, let me know, i will try to be honest as I can since im not looking to screw anyone. I want this car to go to a good home. Let me know if you want other pics, I dont want ppl to drive all the way here only to find out that its not what they were expected. :)

And yes the car does have working AC :) no cruise tho. It has a button tho, I think you can install a cable but im not sure how cruise work.
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Okay, as I promised, here is the pic of interior

Here is the driver seat


back seat
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and here is the video of her at start up and idle :)

[video] l[/video]

[video] l[/video]

Too bad this didn't come up sooner and on the east coast, ijust picked up a 95 pearl base model. good luck with the sale.
Thx u! I was hesitated to sell the car. I haven't even made craiglist ad yet because I want it to stay with ppl from the forum haha
How much is the sale price? I did not find one unless the price escaped from my view.
4k OBO. It's hidden in the original post; at the end of the paragraph after the mods description.

Nice looking car. Good luck with the sale.
I love this car and my P11 just drowned in the Longmont floods.... Let me see what insurance has for me and I'll let you know here soon
Definitely. My friend and I just installed 2 new front struts w/ Loren/s mount, we also changed front two brake lines to stainless steel since the old ones are starting to crack. Flush the brake fluid. Ppl are gonna get a steal with the purchase of this car. I keep throwing parts at it lol
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