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So you want to turbo charge the P11??? Me too.

So before I spend some thousands of dollars on the process, I'd like to hear some experiences the other forum members have had.

Anyone been there and done that?? Tell us "less fortunate" the good and the bad. Give us some price figure's cause you know the magazine's never do (why is that?).

Anyone have the Hotshot kit? or the F-MAX kit??
How many engine's does it take to get it right??
Do you drive your car everyday??
How much should you expect to pay to have the work done professionally??
Best place to buy parts??
what should be concentrated on first, as far as handling the new HP (tires, new clutch, exhaust etc...)

Ok, Ok... no smart @ss answers please, I'm not stupid (imo:confused: ).

Pic's are always good.

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I'm not trying to be a smart ass but your best bet is to go here and actually do some reading.

Almost everything that applies to the G20 applies to the cars they are discussing. There are a butt load of guys with turbo'd SR20's in uncountable different configurations.
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