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Need to lighten up the load. Everything listed here is free.... bay area peeps gets 1st dibs for 2 days only. If it requires shipment, then new owner pays

1 item per person only


- p10 fog switch----------------------------- nla
- Bose pathfinder radio (bad CD changer)
- p11 shifter surround------------------------ nla
- p11 grill with mesh mod
- chrome door sills off of a Infiniti i30
- Lexus auto dimming rear view mirror-------- nla
- usdm grill---------------------------------- nla
- trunk net----------------------------------- nla
- RR tranny mount
- beige overhead console
- beige door sills
- black into trims ----------------------------- nla
- stereo brackets ----------------------------- nla
- 5mm spacers------------------------------- nla
- gas pedal away
- trunk shocks--------------------------------- nla
- hazard switch
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Dear Pawl,

I am in need of a stock shift surround? Does it come with the boot? Thank you kind sir
Calling the rearview if no locals do, unless it has a lexus logo lol. can i get a pic?
Interested in the grill if no locals want it. Is it still chrome or has the edge been painted?
P10 fog switch! I can has pweeze?
Grille and shift surround ( if other two back out) pp ready
greg really needs the fog switch :)
If not locals chime in...and/or the other guys above me drop out, I am interested in any of the following (in order of preference):

- p11 grill with mesh mod [Is this included in the photos? I don't see it.]
- usdm grill [I assume this is P11 grill in the photos.
- Lexus auto dimming rear view mirror
I'd like the 5mm spacers please.
Id like the 5mm spacers more... lol
but if chris dont want them i do.
I will like the trunk net and fittings please.
I would like black into trims or trunk net. Please
Can Lexus dimming mirror be fitted our P11?
i'd like the passenger motor mount

top left, silver mount

zip 95453
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interested in the tranny mount if it's for an 00+ 5MT. also interested in the short shifter if it's available
trunk shocks fit p10?
Is that a P11 starter in the first pic? cramordap needs one badly.
I would love that black shifter surround!
1 - 20 of 65 Posts
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