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My car recently started to idle a little funny, so I figured that I probably needed to clean my MAF. So I was reading the latest Dec issue of Super Street magazine, and on page 129, there's an ad for a free can of MAF cleaner, after $5.99 rebate.

On the can of the MAF Cleaner, the directions say that some cars may have the Torx security screw for the MAF sensor. The G20 does (mine is a 2000 model).

Anyhow, I believe the promo ends this month, so check it out.

Here's a quick How-To:

1. On the airbox, unclamp all four corners.
2. Loosen the screw on the rubber hose that connects to the airbox.

So basically the only thing that's left are the 2 connected wire plugs, which you will need to disconnect in order to remove the top half of the airbox.

The wire plugs were a little tough to come off, but all you need to do is push and slide the greenish-blue piece on the connectors all the way up until it locks, and then you should be able to unplug them.

Now that you have the top portion of the airbox piece, you can see the MAF inside. I bought the Torx screw bit (kind of pricey: Torx bit set for $19.95), I unscrewed the 2 Torx security screws and just rotated the MAF 180 degrees (without pulling the MAF out of the socket) so that the metal sensor was facing away from the screen. Then I just cleaned it as directed. OR you can just spray the MAF directly from the screen side, without unscrewing it, which I would think would work just as well.

Put everything back together, and that should be it.

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