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FS: 16" wheels and tires

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Trying to get rid of these because they are just not my style. They came on my P11 I just bought so I'm not so sure how much they were but they look very good and are fairly new with only minor curb rash on 1 wheel as you will see in the picture. All 4 wheels are perfectly round, no bends.

Lug pattern is 4x114.3 and 4x100
If I had to guess with tires they were close to a grand new.

Tires are Yokohama avs es100 with plenty of tread left and 1 Yokohama s drive, 205/50/16's

I would like to get $500 shipped. If anyone is seriously interested, PM me.]
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You should just keep the tires, buy new 16" wheels and put the tires on the new wheels and then sell rims without the tires.
Those kinda look like the 5 spoke spec v's
If someone wants them without the tires let me know. I'm willing to seperate at a lesser price.
Open to trades
To the top. Open to offers. Need to sell.
250 plus shipping for just the rims...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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