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This is a repost:

I have a set of 18" Branzach Zeo Wheels for sale. They are in GREAT condition. 2 of the wheels have some slight curbage - but no bends, and no cracks. The curbage has been retouched except for a 3-4inch section on 1 wheel. It is not really that noticable unless you're really close. The other 2 wheels are in PERFECT condition.

These wheels come with BRAND spakin' new Kelly Fierce 215/35/18. Guaranteed not to rub even if you have a pretty major drop.

Due to the slight curbage my asking price is as follows: $700+shipping (Reduced yet again from 775 + shipping) - Price is not set in stone - PM me all offers.

Due to the size of the pictures ( I wanted get as much detail as possible ) I cannot post them, and I dont feel like taking the time to resize the images. [Send me a PM w/ your email addy and I'll be happy to send pics to you]

If you're interested please either send me a PM or post your interest here.

brand: ZEO
model: BZ-18
size: 18x7.5
offset: et42
bolt pattern: 4x114.3mm + 4x100mm
centerbore: 72mm (Nissan-specific hubcentric rings included)
construction: 1-piece

Here is a picture of them on my car:

Local Pickup is prefered (SC or GA) - but I also do not mind shipping.
I am willing to meet half way for local buyers.

Willing to split tires and wheels!
Wheels = 400 + shipping
Tires = 300 + shipping




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K guys, one final reduction.

Trades ARE welcome. [Stock Wheels + Tires + Cash]

Price for Wheels and Tires: $595 + Shipping + Paypal Fees.
I'm losing a LOT of money selling them at this price - but I need the money.

Tires Alone = 225 + Shipping + Paypal Fees
Wheels Alone = 375 + Shipping + Paypal Fees
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