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Car has 270ish km on the body...Tranny and Motor were replaced by Infiniti just after 100k according to the previous owner when I bought it. Clean title

Price is $1800

It's a 5spd, has never burned oil when I've driven it...No engine codes

I intended on keeping the car, but just lost patience to get it back out...drove the previous year with no problems at all. Here's what I put into the spark plug wires from nissan, new pas. side driveshaft, new clutch, pressure plate(eurodrive) & throwout bearing, pas. side tierod end, cross-drilled rotors with ceramic pads, front infinity speakers, deck, new front struts, rear driver side caliper, all new sliders, driver side pwr window regulator, rear motor mount, silverstar headlights

Paint is in decent condition, has the usual chips here and there for an older car...Interior is tan leather, seats are all mint except for the driver seat which has one medium sized rip on the bottom of the seat

The bad...

There's a bit of rust...Underbody is solid, as is the exterior for the most part. It's mainly at the rear pas. side rocker cover area

AC compressor is seized...The AC itself still blows cold though, so if you can get a new comp or just replace the clutch on this one, then it'll work fine again. As it stands now, it makes a loud droning noise so another way would be to bypass it with a shorter belt, easy $10 fix.

When doing the clutch swap, the front pas. side spindle got a bit dented where the driveshaft goes into it...So as a result, there's a very noticable vibration when the car is moving. Spindles run around $100 from what I've seen or if you can find one at a wrecker, even better..

And lastly...The battery is on it's way out, but the car still starts fine with it - Just holds a low charge
Car should still hold a valid e-test until November, I'll have to double check that...should have no problem passing safety, although I'm not sure if that vibration will affect it or not.

Shoot me a pm on here or email [email protected]
Will be leaving for FL july 1st, so looking to get it out of here ASAP
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