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For sale is my 1995 G20T. The car has 150,000 miles and in general runs very well for being eighteen years old. I am the third owner. It will need some repair work before it can be registered and driven. Below, I've listed some of the main positive and negative aspects.

I believe in being honest and upfront when selling an item, so the information below is my best attempt to do that. I'm asking $1500 for the car. I'm in Kent and the car can be viewed in Kent.

Positive Aspects:
Stereo – Sony single disc CD player installed with removable faceplate. Front door speakers were replaced with a pair of Boston Acoustics.

Low miles – 150,000

Runs great – the engine is strong, and the car accelerates and shifts well.

Leather interior – the car has beautiful, full black leather interior in excellent condition. There are no rips or tears, and the cushions still have lots of support. The front seats are electric and work properly. The interior in general – door panels, dash, headliner, carpet – is in excellent condition.

Air Conditioning – works perfectly and cools the car extremely well.

Moonroof – works great, no leaks.

Negative Aspects:
Antenna – the car's motorized antenna does not work, and the antenna is in the down position. Radio reception is still very good even without the antenna up.

Tires – tires are worn and should be replaced within the next 10,000 miles or so.

Alternator – alternator is dead and needs to be replaced before the car can be driven more than about 15 miles.

Front Windows – both front windows get stuck a bit when going up. The motors seem strong and raise the windows after the window is jiggled.

Emissions – the check engine light is on and the error code from the computer shows that the EVAP charcoal canister needs to be replaced. The car runs fine with the check engine light on, but it probably won't pass the emissions test that is required to get the car registered.

Paint – The car needs a paint job – it's gold and, like with a lot of metallic paint jobs, it is flaking off in places.

Please email with any questions. Thanks! -Frank
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