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THis is my girlfriends Maxima that is for sale(meticulously maintained).
3.0L V6 190hp, automatic transmission
Completely stock except for 'clear' front corners, but comes with oem orange corners too.

110,000 miles on all original equipment.

Has every option available that year:
Bose stereo
Dual power seats
Dual Heated seats
Alloy wheels

Recent maintainence:
New muffler done not too long ago
New oem knock sensor
Fresh oil change, Royal Purple synthetic (the $6/quart stuff)
New oem nissan oil filter
Fresh brake fluid
Fully detailed
Cleaned engine bay
Brakes inspected
Suspension inspected
Undercarrige inspected

-Check Engine light is on. Had 2 codes one being the knock sensor, that is now fixed and that code is gone, but light remains on probably due to faulty ecu program(Infiniti I30's had the same thing).
-Belt squeel on start up. When cold the belt will squeel but goes away within 30 seconds.
-Sometimes on start will not crank. Ground points must be cleaned(this will be done).

Bluebook is $4800. ASKING $4,000 <- internet only

can email more pics.
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