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Located in Woodstock Ontario Canada. 519 Area code.

Hey guys, I've moved to Japan and couldn't take this with me.

It's basically a fully stock parts car. The underbody is pretty rotten, so it'll take a some work to fix. There are a couple of places that need to be patched (just at the rear of the rear seat footwells), and the rad support is gone (surprise, surprise). Also needs a new flexpipe.

Comes with some extra (fairly clean) headlight lenses, and Maxima rear brackets for a SpecV conversion. Also a pair of rear calipers. One is good, the other is a good core. Leather interior is in good shape. Comes with OEM alloys. Trunklid is suprisingly good, doors are okay. Will be rolling on OEM meshes w/ winter rubber.

$300 obo for EVERYTHING

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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