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FS: 1999 P11t 5spd in AR2 Parts car

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Located in Woodstock Ontario Canada. 519 Area code.

Hey guys, I've moved to Japan and couldn't take this with me.

It's basically a fully stock parts car. The underbody is pretty rotten, so it'll take a some work to fix. There are a couple of places that need to be patched (just at the rear of the rear seat footwells), and the rad support is gone (surprise, surprise). Also needs a new flexpipe.

Comes with some extra (fairly clean) headlight lenses, and Maxima rear brackets for a SpecV conversion. Also a pair of rear calipers. One is good, the other is a good core. Leather interior is in good shape. Comes with OEM alloys. Trunklid is suprisingly good, doors are okay. Will be rolling on OEM meshes w/ winter rubber.

$300 obo for EVERYTHING

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Would you be willing to part with only your right fog?
If he takes the passengers fog ill take the drivers side because mine is cracked ! Let us know.
Not sure if I have time to part out.
Make me a reasonable offer!
I'm in Japan, I can't part out. The rad support is sold.

Give my parents 300 bucks, and it's yours.
Buy it, and give the good bits new life.

I'd consider a P11 here, but it feels like this place is crawling with them already.
Seriously, 300 bucks for ALL of that. That includes a freaking 5 speed conversion (It's a T, so it's got lsd), the 99 harness, good fogs, and all the other spares.
Sure is but it's in Canada and I don't have space for a part out lol
If you were in the US this would be gone already
Jersey isn't that far! Road trip! Also meet up with the SOG crew while you're at it!
If someone knows p00t from Detroit, tell him to check his PMs.
Spring is coming, and I need this gone. I'd rather this end up with someone here than the scrapyard.
Woodstock, Ontario. 519 Area code.
how about the engine harness??? I know someone who needs one
The car is COMPLETE. Problem is, there is nobody available to part it out for me.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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