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FS: 2.0L eBay header

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Mods please delete

-mods please delete-
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just a heads up, you will have to drill out the holes on 90% of the ebay ssac headers. i had to drill all 3 that i have installed on 3 different sr20 motors in 3 different cars.
^Question, did you have any problems with the secondary mating to the bottom part of the top primary?
only on the first one but that was probably because i tightened the primary completely before i started the secondary. if you do everything hand tight then go back and torque everything after its much easier.
Ok. Thanks for the tip. I've installed a header on an SR20 motor about 100 times or so, but this header is not wanting to act right. I'll redrill the rest of the holes and go from there this weekend.
Got motivated and fixed it today. Car is back on the road. Mods please delete. Thanks for the tips Green, it worked out great.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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