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FS- 2002 Sport Headlights and cleared and modded corners

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Came off my 02 5port-
HEADLIGHTS- clean, no cracks, been polished, all tabs there, 6K HIDs included (ballasts, bulbs)
CORNERS- clean, no cracks, all tabs, no amber, and modded with dual element bulbs (light is a dim 7watts with parking lights and 27?watts with blinker)
All connectors and new crimps and an instruction sheet will be provided to install these in your car.
$175 plus shipping (probably $20 in states) (international shipping available)
PAYPAL- [email protected]
thx, Jesse 6O27four8531four text preferred

parking lights only

and after 15 trys, i caght the blinker on ;)
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Ok ok... $175+ shipping was a crazy idea... how about $best offer$, trades welcome
Soooo .... any real offers?
Still fs... $150 shipped
oohh thats an attractive price...still saving for some Loco mounts tho, so this is just a free bump
Best offer- trades welcome!!
how about 100 :D....I would love you forever lol
You love me long time ? ;)
Your if u still would like them... ill toss in the rad brackets and bolts u need too...
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