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For sale is my Infiniti g20. I have had many people comment on how well taken care of it is on the exterior... but there are a few low points.

New battery
Starts Strong
Newer tires
sony headunit
JL 12W6 and 10W1v2 subs
Kenwood rears... not sure which ones
Phoenix Gold R504
Alpine 4 channel ... cant remember which one
Eagle Series 193 rims... 14's.. stock size
K and N drop in filter
Only used synthetic oil every 5000-8000 km
New plugs, wires, rotor, cap
Exhaust is pretty new... stock
brand new upper control arms
Paint is in pretty amazing shape for a 93

Needs a new steering rack... could probs get a rebuilt one for 750
Needs lower ball joint, front left
Rust spot near back door and on quarter panel... i think they are repairable.. the one on the quarter panel i am positive would be no problem
Front speakers need to be replaced... but as said above... i have some wicked ones in box never opened
Driver seat leather is cracking a bit... but seat covers can fix that

So... its a great car, runs great. Its an automatic. Just needs that steering rack and ball joint and it will be like new. I have never rejected maintenance on this car... ask any of my friends haha. Selling cuz i wanted a standard to do some tuning with.

ASKING 3000... but definitely negotiable.

if i forgot anything i will add it

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