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Hello Everyone,

I had been hesitant to put this up, but its time. I have a 1996 Infiniti G20 base 5 Speed that has provided dutiful service for 10 years and is now sadly overheating, likely due to worn or leaking head gasket and/or leaking water pump. She has lived a good life with me, and I want to see if anyone here is interested in a P10 5 speed in great condition other than the previously mentioned issues. Would make a great car for someone either wanting to work on it, or swap in a new engine and take her into the sunset. I have always taken good care of the car, and it has been very very good to me.

yrs Since last service:
0 yr ago -All fluids checked/changed Mobile 1 used exclusively since 60,000mi
0 yr ago -Freon recharged A/C blows ice cold
1 yr ago -New Shift Boot/Nissan OEM Shift Knob (this is for sale if anyone wants it...I made the shift boot and paid 75 for the knob...make me an offer)
1 yr ago -New Tires
1 yr ago -
1 yr ago -New (to me) 5speed transmission w/ new clutch
1 yr ago -new front axle, boots
1 yr ago -complete cat back new exhaust
3 yr ago- new Plugs, Wires, Engine Mounts.

Everything else is in working order on the car. All body panels are in good shape, has never been in an accident, and has lived most of its life in Texas(first 4+ years in chicago). I have replaced many little things that usually go wrong with this car (knock sensor, blower resistor, Rear O2 sensor, etc)

Car has 152k on the clock. Any other questions let me know.
I will try to post pictures later tonight when I get home.

Price: I would like to get $1500, but if that doesnt happen I will just sell it locally. Not sure quite how much demand there is on this forum for a clean 5speed P10.



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I like the car. I would be interested in buying it and possibly picking it up this weekend. Would you accept an offer of $1400?
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