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PM if interested. I can only head to the post office on Saturdays so keep in mind. I can do OBO's on some items just lmk. Shipping covers Lower 48 only. Will charge for PayPal fees, unless you send payment as GIFT.

Denso starter. Broken mounting tab. Can be replaced. Used less than 200 starts. $20 shipped.
Amber and smoked amber bumper lenses. Take both pairs $10 shipped.
Energy Suspension end link bushings. BNIB! $SOLD
OEM Drivers side UCA. No bracket. Needs new bushings. $15 shipped.
OEM Passenger side UCA, With bracket. Worked fine. No squeaks. $SOLD
Exhaust manifold and Cat converter heat shields. Take both $15 shipped.
Tail lights without amber lenses. Great condition. No bulbs/harnesses. $120 shipped.
Tail lights without amber lenses(not pictured). Pretty good condition. $100 shipped.
OEM rotors. Front and rear. Good condition. P10 upgrades. $50 shipped
OEM 4x114 hubs. Front and rear, Needs new bearings. No ABS rings on the rears. $50 shipped.
OEM Flywheel. No flaws. Running at 120k miles. $SOLD
Clutch kit. Ran for 3k miles. Get your 5spd swap in gear! $SOLD
OEM shifter. Just the lever. Ill throw in the stabilizer bracket for free. $15 shipped.
Aluminum weighted ball shift knob. 160grams. Semi gloss black. Used for a week. $25 shipped.
Bubble-crystal-dildo-drift shift knob. You know. 6'' tall? Blue. $20 shipped.
YAKIMA Q82 clips. Roofracks are the shit. $45 shipped.
Older Nissan hamburger center caps. All tabs in tact. $20 shipped.
OEM intake air box. Filter and hardware included. $SOLD
MT shift surround. Boot is torn up. $SOLD
Leaking hi-pressure power steering line. $20 shipped.
Passenger side & Trans motor mount. Fill em up with urethane or send em to Loren to get em properly fitted with polyurethane inserts. $30 shipped ea.
Front and rear mudflaps. KR4. $50 shipped.
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