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INCLUDES SHIPPING to USA & Canada! (additional postage may be required for other destinations)

Billet Aluminum Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 29-116psi (200-800kPa)
INCLUDES 0-100psi liquid filled gauge!!! $53US SHIPPED

(summitracing wants $17.95 + $9.99 handling fee for same gauge alone!)

Details: 2 x 8 Fittings and extra 1/8" NPT Port for fuel gauge (now included!) or extra injector setup or NOS Line​

I prefer PayPal (unfortunately, I’m not setup right now to accept payments made from credit cards OR DEBIT cards) & INTERNATIONAL money orders*

* Please note, I cannot be responsible for lost payments sent via mail. IF you want to ensure that payment is received, then I suggest you send it via registered/tracked mail at your expense.

NOW, to answer the FAQ's:

OH!! So I don't confuse you, the two pics below are of the 'Universal NISMO AFPR" & the required adapter needed to install it (as well as any universal AFPR). I snapped these when I helped Loek install it. These pictures are NOT what I am selling!

As for the brand, I can't remember. I picked it up from a local tuning shop awhile back. It was the last one they had, without a box. And it didn't come with the gauge. I picked that up separately after the fact. Just so you know this does not bolt-on directly into the stock location.

As with this and basically all "universal AFPR's", you need to locate the AFPR were you have some room and/or convenient location. You'll also need to get an adapter [nismo p/n 22672-RR710] that fits in place of where the stock FPR was. They are sold on eBay, but you can get them cheaper going through Justin from eBay prices seem to be $36US & up, + outrageous s/h. Going through Justin, it should be about $30-32 or less + a more reasonable shipping fee. (See pics below) The adapter will fit in the palm of your hand. Along with the adapter, you need to just get enough EFI rated fuel line hose to go to where you've located the AFPR, and you might need some vacuum hose line. And that's it.

Going with a genuine NISMO AFPR, you've got two choices. A 'universal' or 'direct bolt-on' The universal one goes for around $125US + s/h. On top of that you also need the same nismo adapter I mentioned above. Add it up, and it's damn expensive going with a actual NISMO universal AFPR. And your still not done! You now need to install a fuel gauge and in-line adapter for the fuel gauge. Unlike the one I have for sale, none of the NISMO AFPR's have any means for a gauge to be attached directly to it. So you'd have to pick up a separate fuel pressure gauge & in-line gauge adapter, along with some more fuel line. IIRC 'Serban', over on sr20forums was selling a gauge & in-line gauge adapter for $28US + s/h a while back. But I don't know if they're still that price. Let's say it is. So you're now up to ($125+$31+$28) $184 before shipping costs (remember you've got three separate s/h costs because of three different sources! augh!) I've left off the cost of the EFI rated fuel hose & vacuum hose line because you'll still need it to install the AFPR that I'm selling as well.

If you get yourself the NIMSO AFPR that installs in the stock location (which is nice) they still go for over $100. More like $110-120. And you still need to get a in-line fuel gauge adapter & gauge. Like I said before, those run a minimum of $28US + s/h. So you looking at a total of $138 to 148 + all the s/h costs. So although the one I'm selling is not a direct fit into the stock FPR location, it still works out alot cheaper in the long run.

So, add the cost of one of those Stock FPR location NISMO adapters (let's be overly safe and say $40US shipped) + the AFPR I'm selling, you're looking at around $93US. And don't forget the fuel & vacuum line.

So, if you're your interested, I do take PayPal. Unfortunately though, I don't take payments from credit cards or debit cards. I don't want to upgrade my PayPal account so that I need to charge the extra 3% that alot of people do now, and pass off onto the buyer.
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