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I got too many phones laying around, need to get rid of them since I no longer use them.

Here is more details on them:

1.the Samsung S105 has a color screen, turns on but the LCD went dead. Its basically a parts phone now unless you want to swap the LCD.


2.the Motorola I95 works perfectly, color screen, will include OEM battery, but dont have a charger or antenna for it.



3.the motorola i90 works, typical black and white screen, OEM Special Edition red case, no battery or charger. Only problem is when u connect the charger, it doesnt charge the battery so if you have a stand alone charger, it would be great


4. Nokia 6101, color screen, works perfectly, although has a crack on the outer display screen, the LCD still works and does not affect the phone in any way, will include charger and battery and leather carry case.


5. Motorola v70, works perfectly, will include battery and charger


All phone are for tmobile except for the i90 and i95.

If anyone wants to buy all and make some cash on ebay, I will offer the whole set for $125

Prices are for PICK UP IN QUEENS NYC but shipping can be arranged if necessary

All prices are Best offer as well.

Need to move these people!!
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