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FS: complete P10 yellow fog set (includes brackets)

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FS: complete P10 yellow fog set (includes brackets) SOLD please delete

yellow fogs for your AWSOME P10..
I have been making this for quite some time I usually sell just the inserts, i was able to make a complete set with the brackets.I would like to sell it complete(no part out). i have spent a lot of time in buffing the glass(almost perfect how ever there is some tiny tiny pits) and cleaning them up and a fresh coat of paint on the bessel and making sure they are water tight. they will be "bolt on" ready, the fogs seen in the pics will be what you get...i know the light is not as bright as it should be my baterry was dead.
Here is the fog so you can see the insert

a closer look

right side

left side

both lite up with brackets

this is a shot of the ones on my car(full strenght)

all this for 140$ SHIPPED a lot of work has gone in to making this look good.
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responded and sale pending
or ...... just apply some yellow tint film to your normal clear fog lights ?????????

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The whole point here is for the fogs to look oem clear in the day yet yellow at night. Im not a fan of the yellow glass all te time. Haha

or ...... just apply some yellow tint film to your normal clear fog lights ?????????

or ...... just apply some yellow tint film to your normal clear fog lights ?????????

nice P10 BTW........but if you look at all the diffrent colors going on just in that corner alone then you add the coner light on the bumper(us models) too many colors for me..
Bro i sent you the full payment. Your pm box is full.

Shipping info:
Mario Arreola
113 s. California ave
Montebello ca. 90640
Yo man so any word when you going to ship em? I havent heard from you at all. Thanks.

hey mario i sent a PM to you yesterday with a tracking # from USPS i will resend
Im the original seller of this fog lights (first post) just had to change my member name, I have made another set of this fog lights and wanted to see if some of the new p10 members would be interested in a complete set everything as above. the only thing that has changed is the price $150 do to shipping prices going up thanks for
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