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I am available for custom modifications to

If you arent confident enough to do certain mods yourself, or you simply
dont have the time on your hands to do the things you wish...just send
them my way! Any of the items listed below that you ship me, I will modify
the way you would like, and send them back to you. Prices listed below
include material costs: I will pay for and buy any materials needed
for the mod unless otherwise specified.

Do not post in this thread unless you are ready to ship out your parts.
I am using this thread to create a list of serious buyers, who are willing send
their parts out immediatly. As i have stated below, this service in indefinite,
so that means that you do not have to worry about missing out on this oppertunity.
If you have any questions about future purchases or mods, take that up with
me through PM's.
Otherwise, post in here if you would like to be added to the list.
Sport Headlights: $35
Sport Corners: $15
Cleared Corners: $10
JDM Headlight & Corner Sporting: $50
Honda Accord Eyelid Mod: $20
The Package $50: Includes Sport Headlights,
Cleared Sported Corners, and Lens Polish.

Open to P10 and P11 models. This includes the removal of the lens, the painting
of any and all parts that you want sprayed, in any color you wish. For sport
corners, I will remove the orange plastic free of charge upon request.

If you want your JDM duals sported, the price is increased due to
the value of the actual headlights. JDM corners do not cost Xtra.

If you have purchased, or would like to purchase a set Honda Accord
Eyelids and send them to me to be modified, the price is listed above.
DIY Smoked Tail Lights: $40
Cleared Tails $20:

Only available to P11 models. Modifications will include the removal of the
lens, and the painting of the inner crome housing (other colors beside "smoked"
available upon request). This also includes the removal of the amber if requested.
If you would only like me to clear your tails,
the cost is reduced, and listed above.
Custom P11 Grilles: $100 shipped
Please Choose Type "A" or "B" from this link:
Impul Replica Mounting Brackets and Meshing: $50

Send me your stock Grille, choose a style, and it will be returned to
you as pictured above. I supply all paint and mesh materials, unless
you would like your Grille color matched (you supply paint to color match).
If you would like the grille returned to you only primed, or without mesh,
you can PM me to work at a price that suites us both (usually around $50).

If you purchase an Impul replica grille, there is good chance
that the mounting brackets will not even come close to lining up
with bolt patern on your hood. Send me your grille and ill fabricate
mounting brackets and mesh your grille upon request.
Custom P10 Grilles: $80 shipped
Please Choose Type "A" or "B" from this link:

Send me your stock Grille, choose a style, and it will be returned to
you as pictured above. I supply all paint and mesh materials, unless
you would like your Grille color matched (you supply paint to color match).
If you would like the grille returned to you only primed, or without mesh,
you can PM me to work at a price that suites us both (usually around $50).

Custom "Fire-Sport" Black Mouth $50:

Open to P10 and P11 models. This is only possible if you are willing to ship
me your entire front bumper, or you can take a trip to my house so I can do it
on location. If desired, I will clear out your airdam (remove any bars), and paint
the mouth and inner parts of the airdam black. If you own a P11, want the bars
cleared, and the center "V" filled in left from the center post, than there will be
an additional $20 charge, brining your toal to $70.
Custom Smoked Bumper Lenses:
$25 for a set of 2 / $45 for a set of 4

Open to P10 and P11 models.
You send me your stock bumper lenses, and i will return
them looking like these (Altima Lenses DO NOT work).

Completely custom made by myself, these lenses use the stock housing,
clear light diffuser, and UV resistent plexi-glass. Perfect for matching your
sport heads and corners, going along with your ride's color theme, ect...
If your not a fan of the clear "bicycle reflector" bumper lenese,
than these are perfect for you. as you can see from the picture,
they light up just as well, if not better than the stock lights.
Custom Re-Finished and Painted Dash Trim $60:

Open to P10 and P11 models. Dash trim is sanded smooth, and primed and
painted in your choice of color. The $60 charge includes your entire dash trim, plus
your shifter surround. For only the shifter surround, the price will be $15.
If you have an aftermarket gauge bezel, and you are sending me your dash trim,
send the bezel as well and i will apply black gauge trim for free.
If you would like this done seperatly, I will charge $10.
My services are not limited to the above list. if you have a
special request, PM me! Dont have a G20 or Primera? thats fine.
as long as im confident i can do whatever your asking for, ill do it.

If I break It:
I buy you another.

Payment and Shipment Details:
Buyer will pay shipping and handling, plus pay-pal fees. You will ship me your parts,
I will modify them to your specs within a week (much faster for most products).
I will not ask for payment until I have finished modifying your parts, sent you pics,
and you have expressed that you are satisfied with the results.
Then I will ask for payment, and your parts will be shipped back out.

I will not be responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping.
Since you the buyer will be paying for shipping, it is up to you to
insure the package. If you want it insured for the return trip, you
must let me know so i can have it insured before i ship it out.

Shipping Address:
525 Clearview Dr
Newton NJ 07860
My Pay-Pal: [email protected]

My Feed Back Thread!!
If you've done business with me through
this thread, please leave a comment! =)

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krookednose7 said:
this is sweet. those smoked bumber lenses look awesome! the pic is of the diffused light ones right? is this an indefinite service your offering? i want some but wont be able to cough up the money for awhile
yes those are the diffused light lenses using white flouresent diffuser.
like i said, clear is also available if you want.

this service is indefinite. there will be points where i will have to
put a hold on moding due to school work and such, but it will
continue once i have the time. as of right now...this will be available
for quite some time. so just post up when your ready.
if you want better pics, i can get them to you

La-illaha Il-lallah
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This is nice. Start doing headlight retrofits and you business will be booming.

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What do I need to send you for the smoked bumper lenses? Do I need to send you: (a)my clear set, or (b) the stock Red/Amber ones?

(edit) Also interested in the custom grill. I started mine, but been too lazy to finish it. I think I need to send you pics of what I've done so far to see if you can still work your magic. By no means though, did I do a hack job so far.

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yeh finally(Lol) i want my headlights and corners done and also the rears, how much? i will be away from wednesday of next week so my car will be parked so this is a good time for me to sship these stuff let me know total

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this is NOT ridiculous. especially since you're offering the "you break, you buy" policy. i have that taped on my bong (seriously). i've read about too many people breaking their corner lamps so i've been scared to do it. when you sport corners, is the removal of the amber piece included? i will hit you up about the lights and grill soon. TIA, Nick (same name as CiViCtoG20)!

hey, don't forget to offer the "black mouth" mod for both P10 and P11 owners!

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this is a really great idea and to say the least i'm very impressed..... this thread will turn into a 11-pager with all the requests...

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List of buyers in order to ship:
1. Cryss: Grille
(We had to work some specifics out in PM's)
2. Slimlou: Bumper Lenses, Possible Grille
send me your Amber or Red ones. theres no point hacking up a pair
of perfectly good clear ones. We'll work out the grille through PM's.
3. justin243: Heads, Corners, Tails
your price will be $40 for all three parts.
4. P11Gdub: Corners and Grille
yes this includes the removal of the orange plastic
5. NismoG20T: Tails
6. Tampa_gdub: Heads and Corners

Thanks for the interest guys! I didnt expect this many offers already.
At this point, I will take the first 4 orders ready to ship. If you arent goin
to be shipping soon, let me know, and ill put you on hold so I can get
someone elses's order on its way. The rest on the list, as soon as Im ready
to take your order I will PM you.
Corners, Tails, and Heads are quick and easy for me, so i should be
able to cruise through these orders. PM me as to when you will ship.

For those of you who want your Heads and Corners done, please
specify through your PM what parts of the refelctor you want painted.

As for the Retrofits...I knew I'd be getting requests for these. Unfortunately
iv never done one before, so im not attempting it on someone elses lights.
i am planning on doin this in the near future, and once i do mine, ill start
taking orders for those as well.

In terms of the black mouth, i guess if your willing to ship your entire front bumper, than i will do to your what i did to mine. check the first post a little latter and ill have a write up and pics for this mod as well.

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I want sport corners (Will you remove the stock orange lense) and 2 sets of smoked bumper lenses (can you post pics of the smoked and the white, im not sure which i want, but prob smoked). I can ship these things as early as tommorow, Just let me know

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Hey this is great, I'm prolly going to have the following:
Sport Corners
Smoked Bumper Lenses (both front and back)
**MAYBE** the re-finish of the dash trim.

Also would you be willing to add changing the LED's on the back of the Gauge cluster to whatever color? Just an idea.

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Infiniti_g20t said:
I'll take the black sports grille.... and will pay extra fees if have too..thanks
You are aware that he's not selling any physical parts. He's only selling a 'service'. You need to send him your own part, he mod's it, and sends it back to you. He does not have spare/core parts. The only reason why I'm replying to your post is you say "I'll take..." That's what's got me (and I'm sure and others) confused. We don't want people confused by your post thinking he's selling stuff. You know how ALOT of people never read the entire thread. Especially the most important first one! lol Not trying to be a smart a$$....
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