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I really don't want this sold but having the monthly payment isn't the best idea with me being laid off still and the start up company Mike is working for still struggling... so gauging interest (honestly I still think it best to keep it but if someone steps up, it goes to a new home) ...and most likely end up with a g20 for a DD again in its place if sold ;)

So at this moment it has winter snow tires on it.

Price 'as-is' with the snows $19,800 (well below KBB private party)

Price with VMR 18x8.5 and tires have less than $1000 miles $21,800 (right at KBB private party)

Price with VMRs AND snows $22,200 (yes above KBB private party to account for extra snow wheels and tires)

Only mods as follows:

clear bra
35% window tint as legal for IL (plus 20% strip on top of windshield)
ESC OFF button installed (programmed for full off)
factory 17" wheels/tires have been sold so current snows or VMRs are the option now

Factory Options included are:
Monster mats and trunk spoiler (plus steering wheel stereo controls w/bluetooth)

In-service was July 17, 2012 so full bumper to bumper warranty and free maintenance until July 16, 2015

I'd have to get current photos but this helps give a clear idea:

please note we don't have these wheels and tires any more:

These are what the VMRs look like as an FYI:

...and I'll take a 'winter mode' pic when I get the chance but it is factory audi b5 sport 16x7 5spoke alloys w/205 55 16s FWIW
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