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FS: greddy emanage ultimte,50lb top feed injectors

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FS: greddy emanage ultimte,50lb top feed injectors n more

I have a Greddy emanage ultimate FS. the harness is currently hardwired into my RR DE harness I can either remove or we can work on a price for it with harness. PICs and price will be posted soon when I get home. 425$ +shipping n pp fees

Also have direct plug in greddy MAP sensor I'd throw in for another 50$

also I have (4) 50lb injectors 570cc I believe with injector clips to connect to the stock harness. These are top feed and brand new. 220$+ shipping. il post pictures and revise prices accordingly.

2 RRde motors for parts, key value clutch just the disk no PP

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How much for the e-manage ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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