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Fs. Impul p11 grill

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Im selling a genuine IMPUL Grill from my now scrapped P11 mystic. Im based in the UK.
Im asking £50 GBP + P&P from the UK to the states.

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How much are fees to ship to the states?
Where are you in the states, I can get a quote?
what kind of front bumper is that?
what kind of front bumper is that?
it looks like gt with done sort of a lip
It looks like a B14 lower bumper lip on a GT bumper
Its a fibreglass copy of a Honda accord type R lip
Pm sent with shipping quotes
primera-sri97, your PM box is full. How much shipped to California, 91790. please PM me. Thanks.
Inbox cleared pm sent August1ps
Still forsale, someone pull the trigger on this rare jdm grille.
any other parts?
nope last of my primera parts. Everything else I sold npoc last year.
Sold to August1ps, arrived yesterday his son was very happy with the grille.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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