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FS: Mint condition OEM P10 wheels $150

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Looking for $150 + shipping for the set.

Great for your snow/winter tires, track, spare or whatever. Came off a Southern P10. These wheels are in GREAT condition. No corrosion, no major dents, hold air & spin straight. Will clean up even nicer. They worked good when the tires were pulled.

Would trade for P11 mesh wheels ONLY in similar condition. DON'T need tires. I've got a good set of tires already.

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Wouldn't be bad for winter wheels I guess.
I've got a haggard looking p10 with a fresh motor and hideous 17" rims that don't hold air. PM me with shipping cost to 84042. I can receive at a commercial address to keep costs down:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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