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FS - Octact RSTB - direct bolt in for P11 - also FSTB (stillen) FS P11

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FS - Octotat RSTB - direct bolt in for P11 - also FSTB (stillen) FS P11

Just like the title says. It's in perfect condition. everything is for P11. FSTB and RSTB

Octotat RSTB: SOLD

Stillen FSTB: SOLD

The octact is in perfect condition.

The stillen needs a wire brush to the brackets. The bar itself is in pefect condition without scratches or pitting. See pics.

First come first serve. Will sort paypal out later and when ready to purchase. Text (484)-788-9545

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stillen has been sold. Bump for the octact RSTB and if you want more pics just text me
Zoooookkk sup

it's Octotat, btw. BUMP
Sent you text about Octocat
is octocat related to gate cat?
bump so everyone knows that it's $160 shipped to your door. You don't have to pay anything else. Also for hearing from so old faces i've missed. sucks not being apart of this community anymore. :/
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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