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FS: P10 Agility Coilovers.

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Original style not the newer offset top hats. Fits fine but you can buy offset tops that fit them if you want. About 6k miles, spring rate 10k up front and 8k rear. Comes with adjusting tools.
Looking for $500 OBO Shipped to lower 48.

Edit: Looks like one of the shocks is blown so I will be accepting offers if anyone is still interested.
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If I still had my P10 I would have bought these right away.
go buy a P10 then get these. :lol: Bump somebody get these. Also, do these clear the suspension or is the offset top hat needed for sure to run them?
You can run these with no problem. You dont need the offset tops. Thy just fit better with the offset tops when you are going super low IIRC. These are in NY right now I'm in VA. I can get some pics up this weekend.
How long would it take you to ship once payment is sent?
The earliest I would be able to ship is friday. If I get payment over the weekend I can ship on monday.
Unfortunate time not to be able to log in to Gnet for a few days. Thanks a lot stupid malware issue.
Ohhhh liquid filled?
Maybe they were cleaned beforehand and water got in there, once compressed the water is being pushed out..?
Is that oil or water? Had these for a while never saw that happen. Ill give you a call in a few minutes.
ok just saw you said its oil
Does anyone with more coilovers experience have any idea why this would happen? I just tried searching for a number to call agility and it seems like their site no longer exists.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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